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17th Street Bridge

An Instant Atlanta Icon

Developers and city planners knew that the success of Atlantic Station would require accessibility. C.W. Matthews Co. and APAC-Southeast, MacDougald Division in a joint venture contracted construction of the 17th Street bridge, which became an instant Atlanta icon connecting Atlantic Station to Midtown.

At 830 feet long, the bridge spans twenty lanes of traffic across the Downtown Connector. It is 137 feet wide with lanes for cars, buses, and bicycles as well as a twenty-two-foot-wide sidewalk.

Installation of the bridge required realignment of Techwood Drive, on the west side of the Connector plus barrier and retaining walls. The two companies moved more than 350,000 cubic yards of earth, including 50,000 cubic yards of rock using a Caterpillar 345 excavator, a 330 excavator, a 420 rubber-tire backhoe, a 12G and a 140H motor grader, two IT28B loaders, two D350 articulated rear dump trucks, and other equipment.

APAC also excavated and put in shoring for Sunbelt Structures, another Yancey customer, to extend the Orme Street sewer 750 feet under the construction zone and install a 10-foot-by-10-foot box culvert to fulfill city of Atlanta requirements. Sunbelt used two Caterpillar 325 excavators and a Caterpillar D5 bulldozer along with other equipment to complete its part of the project.

The bridge opened in January 2004.

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