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At the Embankment

On the airport side a key question was determining the right equipment to move and place the materials coming off the conveyor. The options included belly dump trucks, articulated trucks, or rigid-frame haul trucks, and Caterpillar brought expertise and its own fleet production software to help analyze the options. C. W. Matthews decided to use 100-ton Caterpillar 777 rigid-haul units. And with the addition of welded brackets to hold two-by-eight-inch boards around the top, volume was further increased, though still within the 777’s guidelines.

The conveyor fed material into four different discharge bins, then a Cat® 777 drove under a bin and received a load of more than 100 tons of material in less than fifteen seconds. The 777 then drove to the dump site less than 750 feet away, where loaders, dozers, scrapers, motor graders, rollers, and other equipment moved the material into place. All of the equipment operators relied on GPS devices rather than stakes for placement of material.

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