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Atlantic Station: Atlanta’s Hot Spot

These two photos show before and after, looking west across Atlantic Station.

Atlantic Station stands as perhaps the best—certainly the most visible—example of twenty-first century Atlanta’s commitment to a modern, vibrant city. The 138-acre “live, work, and play” mixed-use development rises alongside the downtown connecter west of Midtown, linking Atlanta’s future to its history.

On the same site for ninety-six years, from 1901 until 1997, the Atlantic Steel mill manufactured nails, wire fencing, I-beams, angle irons, and many other products. Then Jacoby Development Inc. purchased the site and began turning its vision into reality, a $3 billion mixed-use community with 6 million square feet of office, retail, and housing.

Another 6 million square feet remains available for future development on the site. Today Atlantic Station is home to the busiest IKEA store in the United States, as well as three high-rise office buildings, the Twelve Hotel and Residences, a 16-screen movie theater, and retail shops with two to three stories of condo space above them. Underneath lies a 7,200-space parking garage.

C. W. Matthews began the transformation of the heavy industrial site by excavating the soil to expose concrete foundations that remained on the site. Penhall Company and Dykes Recycling Co. assisted in the demolition of more than 150,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations, using Caterpillar 350s with heavy hammers, then 345 excavators to load into D350E dump trucks to haul to crushers. The process provided 300,000 tons of reusable material for C. W. Matthews.

Next C. W. Matthews replaced an old sewer system with nearly a mile of thirty-six inch sanitary sewer lines—in some places more than thirty-five feet underground. They moved more than 1 million cubic yards of earth and rock before their work was done. Finally, C. W. Matthews graded and installed the infrastructure for the utility network and three miles of roadways, from two to seven lanes wide. The result is a jewel for Atlanta that has already generated thousands of new jobs and, tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue.

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