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Beautiful Georgia Marble

Not many Georgia companies are older than Yancey Bros. Co. The Georgia Marble Co. was founded on May 10, 1884—four days before Goodloe Yancey Jr. was born. So when the Yancey brothers opened their new company on Mister Goodloe’s thirtieth birthday, Georgia Marble Co. had just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary.

Blue Ridge Marble Co. was founded in 1886 in Nelson, Georgia, and in 1917 it was bought by Georgia Marble and continued to operate under its original name. More than a century after its founding, Georgia Marble and Granite continues to provide structural marble for buildings such as the Federal Reserve building in Atlanta and state government buildings. Emory University and Georgia State University also have many Georgia marble facades. The statue in the Lincoln Memorial is carved from pure white Georgia marble.

“Georgia marble is some of the most beautiful in the world,” says Blue Ridge Marble’s Evan Howell. “It has the lowest silica content and the highest brightness of any marble in the world.”

To remove marble from the quarry, special wire saws cut 20-ton blocks. Then an operator with a Caterpillar 988B wheel loader lifts it into a truck that drives up and out of the quarry to the processing plant. The company uses other Cat® equipment, such as dozers for building new roads in the quarry.

Blue Ridge also supplies marble and granite monuments created by senior craftsmen who have worked all their lives in the industry. And though marble has been a favorite of builders since ancient Greek and Roman days, twenty-first-century architects and decorators continue to utilize it in the most beautiful home and commercial buildings.

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