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First Caterpillar Power Module

Nearly twenty years ago Caterpillar developed its first fully mobile power module. The significance of this product introduction was the ability for a Caterpillar Dealer to provide a completely self-contained mobile power plant that, at a moment’s notice, could be moved into place, plugged in, and immediately begin generating power efficiently with a great level of control and protection.

The key power solution for both planned shutdowns and emergency response needs, the Caterpillar Power Modules are must-have equipment for electrical contractors, EMCs and disaster response agencies in Georgia and around the world.

“When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, we sent in power modules almost immediately, and again with Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. Power modules are in ISO containers that easily fit on a truck chassis, so we can get them to an emergency situation quickly. They’re also great for the rental industry or for overseas projects where power is less reliable. We’ve provided primary power for manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam with power modules.”

Robert Pyke, Yancey Power Systems

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