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First Caterpillar Uninterrupted Power Supply

In 1999 Caterpillar entered into a strategic relationship with Active Power to distribute the “CleanSource™ UPS” products under the Cat® UPS brand name. This allowed Caterpillar to offer their Cat® UPS with a standby genset transferring a standby power system into a continuous power supply. This resulted in reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability compared to traditional continuous power supply products. This also allowed Caterpillar dealerships to sell, install, and service a complete CPS under a single brand name.

Typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunications equipment, or other critical electrical equipment, Caterpillar’s UPS product line now provides nine different models with rated power ranging from 36kW up to 990kW.

“The flywheel technology is an extremely durable product. It can take a lot more hits and last longer than batteries, which are diminished with every hit. It allows us to design a total solution for data centers and other customers who demand an absolutely reliable power supply.”

Romey Schwieterman, Yancey Power Systems

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