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In the Quarries

APAC used three Caterpillar 5110 mining shovels to excavate the material to be hauled and pushed to three scalping plants. Material that was too large to drop through the scalpers was hauled to crushers in Cat® 773 65-ton haul units. All the material had to be less than seven inches in diameter. The scalpers and the crushers all fed material directly onto the overland conveyor to be transported to the embankment site.

Eleven months into the project, the skies opened up. From March through July it rained more than thirty-five inches, ten inches more than normal for Atlanta, and APAC had to make constant adjustments on the mix of rock and dirt, which was mostly clay. During extremely wet weather (there were several days of two or more inches of rain), the mix was as much as 80 percent stone. Later in the summer, when the borrow pits dried out, APAC loaded a lower percentage of stone.

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