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Watching Inventory for Forty Years

It takes him a year to do it, but Sarge Whitlow counts every part in the warehouse. Sarge retired in 1974 at age forty from the U. S. Army, where he worked in warehouse inventory control. Shortly after that he brought his skills to Yancey Bros. Co., and except for a brief attempt at retirement in his seventies, he’s been maintaining parts inventories ever since.

The job has changed considerably in forty years. “When I started, we did everything manually,” he says. “You picked up every part.”

Today Sarge uses barcode scanners and computers to maintain the right number of each of the 70,000 of parts Yancey stocks.

“My thing is to make sure it’s in stock,” he says. “If it’s in the warehouse and not on the shelf, it’s not any good. I make sure it’s in stock and on the shelf.”

Sarge fills an important role in a system designed to maximize up time for Yancey customers. Including the Atlanta warehouse where he works, Yancey has eleven parts facilities across the state. To make orders even easier for customers, Yancey created PartsExpress, a network of more than 150 drop boxes across the state for customers to pick up parts. From the warehouse shelf to the customer’s hand quickly and smoothly.

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