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First 955K Yancey Sold

Since the 1930s, Trackson Co. had supplied cable-operated front-loading shovels, which Yancey sold for Caterpillar tractors. Caterpillar acquired Trackson in 1951 and over the next few years developed a single unit, which it introduced as the 933C and the 955C Traxcavator track loaders in 1955. Caterpillar would continue modify the Traxcavator and introduce new models, including the 955K.

Yancey Bros. Co. sold its first 955K to Bogan Renfroe, who is still clearing and grading land in north Georgia.

Renfroe was a nineteen-year-old high school graduate when he interviewed for a job with Mister Goodloe Yancey. Bogan had grown up with a deep love of machinery, and had read the fifty-year history of Caterpillar, Fifty Years on Tracks, when he was in high school.

After about thirty minutes, as the interview was winding down, Mr. Goodloe told Bogan, “I can tell you really like equipment and you’ll be a contractor one of these days, and I’ll make a lot more money selling you tractors than I will you working for me.”

He was right. Fifty years later Bogan has lost count of the Cat machines he has bought. He started out clearing individual sites for home builders in Dunwoody, Brookhaven, and Buckhead. Then he grew to small commercial jobs and grading streets and infrastructure for subdivisions. The housing boom opened large opportunities like Horseshoe Bend and Windward, and the downturn would see him at coal and iron ore mines.

Today, with a couple of dozen men on machines, Bogan could be running the operation from the construction trailer. “I’m seventy-one years old,” he says, “but I’m not ready to sit. I’m still out there every day.”

The love of machines that Mr. Goodloe saw in 1961 is stronger than ever.

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