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First Hydraulic Excavator

Caterpillar began design and development of its hydraulic excavator in the 1960s and introduced the Cat® 225 into full production in 1972. The 235 series followed a year later, and in 1974 the much larger 245 was introduced. Demand for a smaller version of the hydraulic excavator led to the Cat® 215 in 1976. The Cat® 225 remained the standard in the 25-ton class and was kept in production for twenty years.

The Caterpillar hydraulic excavator lineup now includes over thirty different models from the 13-hp 300.9D to the 523-hp 390D L and can be seen on virtually every type of job site in the state.

“The Caterpillar hydraulic excavator was one of the most important product introductions in the company’s history. It allowed contractors to do jobs faster and at a lower cost. It gave everyone new ways to do their work with the availability of multiple attachments like grapples and buckets and different configurations like mass excavation for the machine. It really opened the door to a new level of production for contractors who had used other machines like wheel loaders and track loaders to do the same jobs.”

David Popwell, Yancey Bros. Co.

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