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First Wheel Dozer

The first Caterpillar wheel dozers were introduced in 1963 with the 300-horsepower model 824 and the 400-horsepower model 834. Five years later the compactor version of these machines were equipped with steel tamping-foot wheels that replaced the rubber tires. A smaller-sized 814 was marketed in 1970.

The more modern model 814F, 824G, and 834B wheel dozers were offered in 1997 after many product improvements, followed by Caterpillar’s purchase of manufacturing rights from Tiger Engineering Ltd. of Australia. This purchase added the 625-horsepower 844 and 800-horsepower 854G to the Caterpillar product line. These later models have been key products for Georgia’s coal-fired power plants.

“The wheel dozer gave power companies a tool to push coal into their hoppers and feed their plants much more quickly and efficiently. Paper companies who have a lot of wood chips add a special wood chip blade to move and also use the wheel dozer to improve efficiency and lower costs.”

Kevin Lane, Yancey Bros. Co.

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