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Early Customer Paves Whitehall Street

Soon after attorney Alex MacDougald became the owner of a financially strapped construction company in 1919, he repaved the street in front of the new location of Yancey Bros. Co.

The brothers had moved their operations to Whitehall Street, which was the extension of Peachtree Street south of Five Points, and MacDougald won a contract to repave that section. It was Atlanta’s busiest thoroughfare, and the July 1920 issue of Successful Methods magazine reported that MacDougald convinced the city to allow him to close the entire street. Then he ambled into the heart of Atlanta with a steam shovel and tore up the old pavement. “Nearly everyone knew MacDougald and what he was about,” the magazine reported. “Probably that is why Alex MacDougald made good as a contractor even though he wasn’t born one.”

Yancey Bros. Co. and MacDougald grew up together over the decades, as MacDougald, equipped primarily by equipment from Yancey, became one of Georgia’s largest contractors.

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