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First Caterpillar Designed Tractor

The Caterpillar Model Twenty tractor was the first tractor wholly designed and built by the Caterpillar Tractor Co. that was not based on an earlier Best or Holt design. It took the place of the 2-Ton in the Caterpillar product line, but produced 29 h.p. compared to the 2-Ton’s 25 h.p. Employees at Caterpillar’s San Leandro, California, plant built 1,970 of the Model Twenty tractors (serial number prefix “P”) and employees at the plant in East Peoria, Illinois, built another 6,331 Model Twenty’s (serial number prefix “PL”) before the model was discontinued in 1932.

“Counties and road builders across Georgia bought the gasoline Model Twenty, and a few years later the diesel Sixty. They were the forerunners of the D8.”

John Gorham, Yancey Bros. Co.

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