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AT&T Data Center Backup

Three Decades of Backup Power and Counting for AT&T Data Center

AT&T built one of the largest data centers in the Southeast at that time in the early 1980s. Newcomb & Boyd, which was the engineering firm for contractor Inglett & Stubbs, called Michaell Bever at Yancey Bros. Co. to discuss backup power generation options.

“When contractors and engineering firms get a contract for a facility,” Michaell says, “they often call us in to assist with design. They can draw on our knowledge of engines, generators, switch gear, chillers, and much more.”

Windward had been developed with the intention of attracting data centers and other high technology firms. Underground utilities were part of an extremely reliable electrical system. But for 100 percent reliability, companies needed backup power.

Caterpillar had recently introduced a 2,000-kilowatt generator, and Yancey designed a backup system with six of those units. More than three decades later, the same system is still on the job.

“You exercise the machines regularly,” Michaell says, “and you may accumulate eighty to a hundred hours a year, mostly running idle. But it’s there and ready when you need it.”

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