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Building for Georgia’s Population Explosion

Georgia’s total population grew by more than 2.7 million people between 1980 and 2000. All those people needed places to live, and new subdivisions popped up all over.

“We were selling equipment for site preparation work for shopping centers, residential developments, streets, and sewers,” recalls John Taylor. “Unit-wise we sold a lot more into building construction than we did to highways, though what we sold for highways was bigger equipment, of course.”

Track loaders were the builder’s favorite, and fueled by growth in metro Atlanta, Bob Peck may have sold more than anybody in the world. “My first week on the job I went out and sold a 955,” Bob says. “The housing market opened up so big and so fast. One year I sold a tractor every single day. That’s a lot of tractors.

“I’d come home and my wife might ask me to fix a broken door. I’d tell her to get somebody to fix that door while I got on the phone and sold another tractor.”

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