The beginnings of Caterpillar compactors can be traced to the 1965 introduction of the RayGo “Rascal Roller.” The RayGo Corporation produced these compactors in Minnesota until being acquired by the CMI Corporation in 1985. At that time Caterpillar entered into a manufacturing agreement with CMI to manufacture compactors to be trademarked “Caterpillar.” In 1987, Cat® and CMI discontinued their manufacturing agreement, at which time Caterpillar purchased all intellectual rights to the compactors and began manufacturing them in Caterpillar-owned facilities.

Caterpillar’s soil and asphalt compactors are used extensively throughout Georgia on the many road and highway projects that continue to improve our state’s transportation system. The key to achieving the compaction of both the asphalt and the dirt underneath, Cat®’s utility compactors lineup is the largest available with over 30 different models to choose from.

“Cat’s compactors have been a great machine for our customers for both asphalt and soil compaction. Caterpillar continues to engineer product improvements into that product to make it better and the fact that it uses the same Cat parts like filters and hoses as the rest of their fleets use is a big benefit to our customers.”

Tom Duncan, Yancey Bros. Co.

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