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First Articulated Truck

Since 1973 Caterpillar had supplied DJB Engineering Ltd. with drivetrains for its articulated haulers, beginning with the 27.5-ton D250, powered by Cat®’s 3306T diesel engine. Demand for the trucks in North America was high, with more than 30 percent of DJB’s production shipped from their Peterlee, England headquarters to the states.

Caterpillar acquired the rights and designs for the trucks built by DJB Engineering in 1985. In 1996 Caterpillar bought the manufacturing company, including the facilities and property in Peterlee.

Caterpillar’s articulated trucks have been a mainstay for construction companies for years. Originally designed as a soil and aggregate transporter, the chassis have also been used for other applications ranging from concrete mixers to water tankers. They excel at hauling material over rough terrain and are adept at handling inclines and slippery conditions.

“Before articulated trucks were introduced, our customers had to use scrapers or dump wagons to move dirt on job sites, and then only if the ground was dry. Articulated trucks can run in wet and sloppy conditions, giving contractors more flexibility with their fleets.”

Kerry Glass, Yancey Bros. Co.

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