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First Asphalt Paver

Caterpillar entered the asphalt paver market in 1985 when it struck a partnership with the CMI Corporation. This partnership continued until 1998, at which time Cat® purchased CMI’s technology to manufacture asphalt pavers and other paving-related equipment.

The first true asphalt paver was developed originally by the Barber Greene Co. in 1936, and a patent was granted on the machine in 1938. Barber Greene had developed other machines that could do the work beginning in 1917, but today’s asphalt pavers are based on the equipment the company released in 1936, which included the elevated conveyors, screws, and floating screeds still in use today.

Barber Greene was purchased by Caterpillar in 1991, and all products were consolidated under the Caterpillar Paving Products line of equipment. Caterpillar also acquired the Bitelli Corporation in 1991, adding their asphalt paver technology to the Cat® line of equipment.

“The Cat paver has been a great machine for us. It has done really well. We like the visibility and it is really, really quiet. And having Yancey there to support us is a huge advantage because they have stores that are convenient to anywhere we are paving.”

Benji Cranford, C and H Paving, Inc.

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