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First Backhoe Loader

The Caterpillar 416 backhoe loader, the first model in the product line, was the result of five years of intensive market and user studies. The design team conducted thousands of hours of competitive product evaluations and close to 2,000 customer interviews to determine what people needed but found missing in existing backhoe loaders manufactured by other companies. The 416’s development process from concept to customer was unlike any Caterpillar had ever attempted before.

Today the Caterpillar backhoe loader is the industry leader and can be seen on just about any job site around Georgia, from farms to residential construction to rock quarries and road construction projects. It has proven to be one of the most versatile machines a contractor can own.

“When Caterpillar decided to get into the backhoe market that machine was by far the #1 selling product in the industry. It wasn’t uncommon to go to a convenience store at lunchtime and see two or three backhoes parked there. Everyone had them on their jobsites…they were everywhere. Since then the design has not really changed but it is a much more efficient machine. And it continues to be a great piece of equipment for municipalities, county and state governments, and utility companies. The municipalities love them because they can be driven on the streets. They can do almost all of the repairs they need to do with the backhoe. A lot of smaller towns never even trailer their machine since they can just drive it to where they need it.”

Preston Smith, Yancey Bros. Co.

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