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Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

When Tom Cousins built The Omni International in 1976, emergency backup systems met code requirements: enough power for lighted exits, diminished hallway lighting, etc.

Eleven years later CNN networks moved in and required significantly more sophisticated emergency backup systems to ensure that its signal was never interrupted by a power outage. Yancey Bros. Co. installed Cat® generators and switchgear systems, and later did the same at Turner Broadcasting facilities in midtown Atlanta.

“A stable supply of power throughout all of our facilities worldwide is immense. It makes me sleep easier at night knowing we have Cat® generators and switchgear systems in place to protect us on a daily and an hourly basis.

When you look at the scope of Turner Broadcasting and CNN, which is the largest news organization in the world, and the amount of protection it takes—not only do we feed Atlanta with news, we feed the world with news. We feed to New York, and we tie the two facilities together, the Time Warner Center and Atlanta. We feed Washington and tie the two facilities together with Atlanta. So a stable supply of power is immensely important. Whatever happens here at the hub has to be protected.

Having a strong partner and being able to rely on them to be here in a moment’s notice is immense as well. We’re relying on the expertise of Yancey and the great work they do to protect us. Having that reliability and that relationship is extremely important in what we do.”

Dan Darling, CIO of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

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