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Charles R. Shepherd and Hugh Steele Hit More Rock

Charles R. Shepherd Inc. built an eight-mile section of the Northeast Expressway from just north of Clairmont Road into Gwinnett County. Shepherd had to cut through a forty-five-foot section of solid rock, and was able to crush and use the stone on-site. From the cut came 50,000 cubic yards of stone and 110,000 cubic yards of screening, enough for the entire job. The contractor also used Caterpillar equipment to move 500,000 cubic yards of dirt in a month, believed to be a record at the time. The deepest fill along the way was about sixty-five feet, requiring 350,000 yards of dirt.

Working northward from Duluth on the Northeast Expressway, Hugh Steele Construction Co. used more than two dozen pieces of Caterpillar equipment to move an average of 20,000 cubic yards of dirt a day, until they hit rock. They blasted through, and by the time they finished they had moved more than 2.5 million cubic yards of dirt over the seven-mile project.

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