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First Self-Propelled Scraper

Caterpillar first unveiled its self-propelled rubber-tired scraper in 1948 at the Chicago Construction Equipment Road Show, but it would not be until 1950 that the DW20 and DW21 became available for purchase. Many design changes and improvements were made to these two models over their first decade in production until they were replaced with the 600 Series scrapers in 1962. Seven new models included the two-axle 641, 651, and twin-engine 657. The product lineup also included three-axle models 632, 650, 660, and 666.

Ideally suited for moving dirt on short hauls where the cut and fill areas are close together, Caterpillar scrapers have been on virtually every type of site in Georgia, including the construction of roads, shopping centers, subdivisions, and landfills, and have also been a key production machine in coal-fired power plants around the state.

“Scrapers are a vital part of what we do in the piedmont region. It’s a great finishing tool, especially with a small job, a four to five-acre job site.”

Brad Cole, Brad Cole Construction

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