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Georgia Power Builds New Plants

In 1952 construction is ongoing for Georgia Power’s Plant Hammond beside the Coosa River near Rome.

In 1948 construction continued on Lake Allatoona. Yancey customers helped build the lake and move portions of Highway 41 away from areas that would be flooded.

Off the highways in the postwar years, site preparation was creating hundreds of construction jobs. Air conditioning in the South generated tremendous desire for electricity, and Georgia Power Co. responded with a construction program to meet that fast-growing demand. Plant Yates, alongside the Chattahoochee River near Newnan, was the first steam plant to be built in Georgia after the war. When it was dedicated in 1952, it was the largest steam-generating plant in the state.

Site work began in October 1948 for the plant as well as for railroad and highway access. Over the next seven months, Caterpillar and other equipment would be used to move about 700,000 cubic yards of dirt.

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