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Using the Latest Technology

The equipment list for construction of the Northeast Expressway included three Caterpillar No. 12 motor graders. One of those No. 12s was equipped with the newly introduced Preco Automatic Blade Control, which the manufacturer made available exclusively to Caterpillar Dealers. In fact, this was the first one to be delivered to the Southeast.

According to the manufacturer:

The Preco system automatically keeps the grader blade at any selected slope regardless of the uneven terrain. The control is so accurate that an operator can finish a grade in just one pass with extreme accuracy. IN LESS THAN HALF THE TIME. The required time for finish grading on highway jobs has been reduced by at least half as compared to manual control of-the grader: The Preco Automatic Blade control is a system for automatically holding traverse blade slope. It is accurate to 1/8 inch in 10 feet.

The system automatically held transverse the blade slope with adjustments made through a control box next to the operator’s seat. The operator set the dial for the slope he wanted, then focused on the stake line, allowing the automatic control to maintain the even cut regardless of the position of the grader or the unevenness of the terrain.

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