This brochure was produced by Yancey Bros. Co. in 1943 to promote the equipment and services that were used both on the front lines and back home in the U.S.

The Depression was ending, and World War II was beginning. Most Georgia roads remained unpaved, and most Georgia farmers still plowed with mules, but change was coming. In the late 1930s and early ’40s, military bases would be built across the state, and roads and ports would be upgraded. A tremendous manufacturing facility would be built in Cobb County for the assembly of long-range bombers. And the war effort would require virtually all of the resources of Caterpillar and its Dealers to supply, maintain, and rebuild tank diesels, tractors, motor graders, engines, and electric sets. Ralph McGill, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, wrote, “The real hero winning the war is . . . the bulldozer.”

During the war the U.S. Engineer Corps used Yancey’s facility on Whitehall Street as the South Atlantic Division of Equipment Pool headquarters. The facility had been expanded several times through the 1930s, with additional yard space acquired and a large service shop constructed. And by 1937 the wooden framework of the building had been replaced by steel.

The war ended, and our soldiers and sailors returned home. Then the energy and industrial might that had won the war went to work building America. Yancey Bros. Co. would be an important part of that effort in Georgia.

Don A. Yancey, who had served as a major in the U.S. Army during the war, joined Mister Goodloe as a salesman at Yancey Bros. Co. in 1946. Don had worked closely with his father, L. D., and his Uncle Earle as a salesman for Yancey Tractor Co. in Albany before the war. After the war Earle had indicated an interest in selling the south Georgia Dealership.

Business grew so fast in north Georgia that Yancey Bros. Co. opened its first full-service product-support branch on a five-acre plot in Augusta in 1947 and named Don Yancey its branch manager. That same year Earle Yancey’s family finalized the sale of the Yancey Tractor Co.

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