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Military Expansion Continues at Fort Stewart

Expansion of military facilities in Georgia continued after World War II in response to Cold War threats. Hunter Airfield at Fort Stewart became home of the Strategic Air Command’s Second Air Force with two bombardment wings. Two North Carolina firms, Dickerson, Inc., and D. W. Winkelman Carolina Co. brought their Caterpillar and other equipment to begin a massive grading project. They ran into muck, pit clay, and water all along the way, and had to bring large quantities of material from other sites for stabilization to complete the job.

“A lot of contractors from north Georgia wouldn’t go south of Macon. They have what they call muck down there, and a lot of people from up here don’t know what to do with it. Same way with some guys from below Macon. They don’t want to deal with rock in north Georgia, because it can be so hard on the equipment. My brother Charles was a brilliant construction man. He could move muck and was an ace at shooting rock. He would put a light charge in every foot and cut it like a knife.”

Harold Shepherd, Shepherd Construction Company

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